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Library Use Policies

The Law Library is open to Portage County attorneys and the public for the purpose of legal research. All library patrons are to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of the normal activities and function of the Library, its staff, and of other patrons. Library patrons may not engage in inappropriate use of library facilities, which include actions which harm or constitute a nuisance to other patrons including their belongings, library materials and facilities. The Law Librarian shall have discretion to determine inappropriate use of library facilities. Use of the library is a privilege, not a right, so users who fail to comply with library policy will be asked to leave. Here are more detailed library use policies:

After Hours Use
Library use is limited to normal business hours when the Library is staffed. Patrons are not allowed access to the Library when it is closed.

Disruptive Behavior
Library patrons may not engage in disruptive, improper, or illegal behavior, including but not limited to harassment, solicitation, intimidation, unauthorized practice of law, and disturbances.

Personal Materials
Library staff is not responsible for personal items left unattended in the Library. Excessive amounts of personal belongings are not allowed.

Food and Drink
Food and drinks are not allowed in the Library. Patrons are expected to demonstrate care for library materials and equipment and to clean up any spills and trash. Tobacco use is not allowed in the Library.

Mobile Phones and Other Devices
Electronic communications devices are permitted in the Library. As a courtesy to other patrons, all patrons are asked to set their devices to silent or vibrate mode and to be respectful of other patrons when taking calls.

Children under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied by and supervised by an adult. All patrons are expected to follow the Library's rules of conduct.

Computers are available for use by Portage County officials, attorneys and judges. Visitors may use the public computers as a courtesy. If all computers are in use and other patrons are waiting, the Law Librarian reserves the right to impose time restrictions. If attorney or Court personnel need to use the computers, visitor's sessions will be interrupted for that purpose.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Equipment
The user will be held personally responsible for the full cost associated with the repair or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged library equipment, as well as for any fines associated with the late return of the equipment. Circulation privileges will be suspended until the invoice for replacement or repair is paid in full. Further, all library privileges will be revoked for any patron that fails to pay an invoice for library fines and fees within 120 days of the date of the invoice.

Borrowers are responsible for the replacement cost of library materials that are declared lost. The Library will not accept replacement of the actual item. Once the Library receives payment for a lost item, the item becomes the property of the patron. The Library cannot accept the return of or provide refunds or credits for lost materials if they are found after payment of replacement charges have been made.

Unresolved matters will be referred to the Portage County Prosecuting Attorney for action.

Inclement Weather
The Library follows County policy regarding closing during inclement weather and other emergencies. When possible, closings will be announced in advance via Library's website. Otherwise, patrons should watch for news of Portage County's closings.

Discretion of the Law Librarian
No policy can address all potential circumstances. The Law Librarian reserves the right to address issues on a case by case basis including, but not limited to disruptive and harassing behavior, requests for privileges, and use of facilities. The Portage County Law Library Board retains the right to protect the interests of our patrons to the safe use of our facility. Library employees who have reason to believe that disruptive conduct or theft are occurring will summon Sheriffs to remove said persons from the Library, and to take appropriate law enforcement action to deal with alleged theft. In cases of extreme disruption or repeated misconduct, named persons may be banned by the Resources Board from further entry into the Law Library.

Circulation Policy

The Portage County Law Library provides print materials for the use of appointed and elected officials and for attorneys that work in/have an office located in Portage County. The general public may use materials in the Library but may not check out any materials.

If there is a waiting line for the computers, a one-hour session rule will apply. This rule will only be in effect when there is a waiting line.

Borrowing Materials

  1. Circulating
    1. General Collection. These may be checked out for a period of 2 weeks. General collection materials may be renewed for one additional two-week period by telephoning the All renewals will be subject to a pending request for the same materials.
    2. Continuing Legal Education Materials. These may be checked out for 2 weeks. They may be renewed once by phone. All renewals will be subject to a pending request/hold for the same materials.

  2. Non-Circulating
    These materials are kept in the Library to ensure access. They include reference materials and extra copies of highly utilized practice materials.

Overdue Fines will begin to accrue on the day following the due date at the rate of $0.50 per business day until day 120, when you will be responsible for the total cost of the item. Circulation privileges are suspended for any patron, when a book has not been returned in more than 120 days, or the cost for the material has not been fully paid. Further, all library privileges will be revoked for any patron that fails to pay an invoice for library fines and fees within 120 days of the date of the invoice. Fines are not levied on weekends or on Library holidays.

Concurrent Loans
Each patron shall be permitted no more than three (3) items on loan concurrently.

Damaged and Lost Items
Members will be billed for the cost of replacing any library materials that are lost or are returned damaged. Circulation privileges will be suspended until the replacement cost is paid.

Returning Materials
Materials borrowed from the Library may be returned directly to the Law Librarian or Library Service Technician during regular Library business hours or dropped in the book return outside the main door of the library.

Material Removed/Recycled from Collection
When we remove materials, we offer them at no cost to any Portage County attorney.

Conference Room and Office Space

The Conference room and small office are available for reservation by Portage County officials, judges and attorneys. Beginning December 01, 2020, the fees for reserving said rooms are as follows:

Fees must be paid by check or cash ahead of the reservation day. Make checks payable to Portage County Law Library.

Small office space has a 6 person capacity; the Conference Room, 12 people seated comfortably but up to 20 people. Smart Board available for Conference Room Rentals with speakers and camera.

All rooms must be vacated by 4:00 P.M., when the building locks.

  Conference Room
Conference Room
Conference Room
Conference Room
Small Office
Office Space


The Portage County Law Library offers the following Services:

  1. Copies
    Copies for library materials cost $0.10 per page.

  2. Fax Machine
    The Law Library offers a fax service for attorneys only. Each page costs $0.50. Long distance faxing costs $1.00 per page. We provide Fax Cover Sheets.

  3. Printing
    Black and white printing costs $0.10 per page.

  4. Lexis+
    Legal case search

  5. LibraryWorld
    Library Catalog

  6. Notary Service
    $2.50 per document. Simple documents of less than 10 pages.
    Ohio law requires that the person signing the document must appear in person and present proper identification.

  7. Supportworks: Child Support Guideline Worksheet Software available for attorneys and members of the public.

  8. Digital Books available through Wolters Kluwer VitalLaw:
    • Family and Medical Leave Guide
    • Elder Law Forms Manual: Essential Documents for Representing the Older Client
    • Medicare Handbook